Our platform

casavi is the leading cloud solution for digital property management and online services relating to real estate.

casavi connects all parties involved in the utilisation and management of real estate. It ultimately provides a central information and communication hub for each and every property. casavi’s primary goal is to reduce costs and effort, increase customer satisfaction and establish streamlined structures in organisations.


Customer service app

With casavi, your condo owners and tenants get access to their individual client portals and service app for their properties. Through this, they can access documents, notices, upcoming dates, damage report forms, a community section and much more.


Ticket & workflow management system

Successful businesses are well-structured and process-oriented. casavi’s online process management tool, SmartTask enables you to centrally record and control your processes and get relevant parties (internal or external) involved with just a click of a button.

Smart Home & - Building Integration

Smart home & building integration

Integrate electronic door opening systems, room bookings, connected parcel boxes, digital notice boards and much more in your service portal. Our open API infrastructure also enables you to integrate your individual smart building concepts and services into casavi.


Integrated contractor management

Get partners and service providers involved in your workflow through casavi’s intelligent online process management. Forward assignments and benefit from timely communication, automated reminders, evaluations and much more.