About us


Working towards more modern, efficient and connected property management

casavi was founded with the goal to not only streamline and simplify your real estate communication and service processes, but to also make your business more customer-friendly. We think outside the box and consistently integrate new ideas into our development – while always keeping a strict focus on our customers and their needs. This process is part of our corporate DNA. This way, we develop industry-leading concepts and individual and scalable solutions for continuous process optimisation and cost reduction.

Our team

The casavi team consists of over 45 employees. In Munich, Frankfurt, and Berlin we are represented with personal contacts on site. Each and every one of us has the same mission: to understand the needs and requirements of property managers, owners and tenants, and to support and assist them in a straightforward and comprehensive manner – ideally by implementing our service portal.
We are always open to new ideas and don't shy away from asking critical questions. They are an important part of our corporate culture, development and solutions. This enables us to not only meet, but also exceed your expectations – in terms of technology, sustainability and economic results.