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Efficient utilisation and maintenance of a property requires efficient collaboration between the various parties involved. casavi is a platform that connects property managers, condo owners, tenants, facility managers, and other contractors in a smart way. It enables both a sustainable optimisation of processes as well as a stronger customer focus.


Optimised for the specific needs of the real estate sector

Property managers

Whether it’s the management of a condominium owners association or a rental building, as external property managers, the efficiency of your business processes is a crucial factor of your success. However, this must not affect the quality of the provided services. casavi enables property managers to fulfil both of these requirements.

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Housing associations

Tenants’ demands regarding communication, support and additional services are constantly increasing. Many landlords focus on improving the efficiency of their customer service through digital processes. The innovative interaction with tenants as provided by casavi also increases the appeal of properties.

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Real estate developers

New construction projects provide a unique opportunity to connect buildings and services via digital infrastructure. casavi as a central platform provides a unified basis for various digital ancillary services in connection with the property – throughout every stage of the project, from construction to utilisation.

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Commercial properties

Internally connecting all users of an office property and bundling all resources can greatly optimise the workflow of office managers. casavi offers a state-of-the-art service and a variety of optional smart add-on services for commercial properties. Smart networking can increase the appeal of commercial properties for everyone involved.

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What we offer

  • Customer service app

    casavi helps you to stand out. It offers your clients the most modern and highest quality service while simultaneously reducing your workload and mailing costs.

  • Ticket & workflow management system

    Centrally recorded processes help you avoid doing the same work twice and enable you to react in a timely manner. This increases your staff’s efficiency and process transparency.

  • Smart home & building integration

    Benefit from the increasing application of digital building infrastructure and use of smart home and smart building components for your processes and services.

  • Integrated contractor management

    Benefit from a central and integrated connection with your partners and contractors, and get them involved in your workflow via casavi.

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Our partners

Achieve more together

casavi not only connects people and buildings, but also various players in the real estate industry, enabling efficient networking and collaboration between them. Our numerous partnerships also make integrating casavi with existing applications, like your accounting software, possible. Use casavi as the central element of your property management to avoid duplicate data maintenance and achieve more workflow consistency.

Our customers

Satisfied customers will always be our best reference and the key to our success. Over 550 real estate companies are already using casavi with great success.

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